About Us

Proudly family-owned and operated since ’99

Our Process & Philosophy

We know what your boat or RV means to you. Damage isn't planned, and repairs aren't what you want to spend your time on. 

We strive to get your boat or RV in, out, and better than ever. That's why we:

  • Schedule an estimate as soon as it’s convenient for you. No weeks of waiting here.
  • Create a realistic timeframe with your travel plans in mind.
  • Get to work as soon as the job is approved and the parts are in.
  • Use state-of-the-art equipment and maintain fully equipped facilities. 
  • Go through continuous training on the latest equipment and repair procedures.
  • Keep you in the loop throughout the process and work with insurance as needed.
  • Make sure everything is restored to its original quality.
  • Offer a 2-year warranty on all marine fiberglass and gelcoat repairs, a 1-year warranty on all labor for RV repairs, and will honor the manufacturer’s warranty on individual parts. 

We started this business out of love for our own boats and RVs.

Our Story

Whether you’re on the road or in the water, you’re focused on what’s ahead. That same mindset transformed our family pastime into a family business. 

In 1999, we opened Shoreline in Kansas City to help fellow boaters get the fiberglass and gelcoat repair they needed in a region where it was hard to come by. What we knew about boat fiberglass and gelcoat repair let us expand into RV collision repair, and with that came RV service work as well. From the very beginning, we were looking ahead to get in front of the newest trends, purchase the latest equipment, and stay on top of the most cutting-edge repair procedures. 

With that forward-thinking mentality, and a lot of elbow grease, we soon opened two more facilities. Our Tulsa shop opened in 2007, followed by our Austin shop in 2012. Today, we’re proud to say we run three of the best and most high-tech boat and RV body repair shops in the Central U.S. We’re not sure what’s ahead, but we sure hope it involves another 20+ years of ingenuity, family, and working with the best customers around.

Our Core Values

We are committed to doing the best we can for our customers and our employees. That’s why these five values remain our top priority in everything we do: